CASS Medicine/Science Grants

There were important changes to the selection procedures for the 2015 and 2016 CASS Medicine/Science Grants. See Medicine/Science Grants. Please note that Applications for 2016 Medicine/Science Grants have now closed. The next Grant round will open in August 2017 and the revised Guidelines will be published in July 2017.

CASS 2017 Education Grants

Expressions of Interest from schools in Victoria for 2017 Education Grants have now closed. Following a selection process, shortlisted schools will be invited to submit more detailed proposal plans. A further round of Expressions of Interest may be called later in 2016, when first round offers are completed.

The Walter Mangold Trust Fund

The CASS Foundation is the Trustee of The Walter Mangold Trust Fund, which provides tertiary scholarships and grants to support the study of languages and culture, and for other related purposes.

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