CASS Travel Awards

CASS has awarded 838 Travel Awards valued at $2,790,428 since 2002.

Our Travel Award recipients share some of their reflections after attending overseas conferences, sharing their research, connecting with future collaborators, and participating in world-class research.

My participation at the GRS/GRC reinvigorated my passion for myelin research and allowed me to be exposed to approaches and ideas that I would not otherwise be exposed to within the relatively small community of myelin researchers based in Australia.
Dr Jessica Fletcher
Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Neuroscience, University of Tasmania, Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Myelin, Barga, Italy, 2022
The week-long intensive exposure to world-class, unpublished research has once before catapulted me into a more innovative approach to solve my research problems (reflected in growing success in attracting funding)…. All attendants are highly engaged, open and keen to share, exchange and devise new ideas, thus making this an unique opportunity for me to grow as a chemical biologist and academic as a whole.
Dr Michael Gotsbacher
Lecturer, University of Sydney, Gordon Research Conference and Seminar “Bioorganic Chemistry”, Andover, USA, 2022
A highlight of the meeting program was a series of bench-to-bedside debates on critical questions and unmet needs in the lymphoma field, followed by interactive panel discussions. These consultations were directly applicable to my current research and helped me better refine my hypotheses and research questions.
Dr Jay Gunawardana
Senior Research Officer, University of Queensland 3rd AACR International Meeting: Advances in Malignant Lymphoma, Boston, USA, 2022
Nothing beats an in-person conference. The science is more engaging in person, and so much of the value in attending conferences comes from outside the sessions (during coffee breaks, over meals, etc.). It was phenomenal to be able to directly engage with the top scientists in my field again… These interactions will no doubt increase the quality of my research, leading to high-impact publications and new funding opportunities
Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, Gordon Research Conference, The Regulation of Proteolysis in Health, Disease and Treatment, Il Ciocco, Italy, 2022
The benefit of the connections that I have formed at this meeting are immeasurable. Presenting your work to an international audience and making international connections is so critically important for new group leaders, and this is what I have missed out on for many years...
Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, 8th Mediterranean Neuroscience Society Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2022
I gained an understanding of the many shared experiences between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Indigenous peoples worldwide... I was challenged and inspired by presentations by international colleagues and learned about cutting edge research being conducted around the world.
Post Doctoral Researcher, Menzies School of Health research
World Indigenous Cancer Conference & the International psycho-oncology society conference, Canada, 2019
It was a highly rewarding and productive trip and has made a big difference for me in establishing my independent research career... awarded a prize for the best presentation by an early career researcher... this is a good promotion for the work that I have published and presented on...
Lecturer, Science & Engineering Faculty, Chemistry, Physics & Mechanical Engineering, Queensland University Of Technology
Eurobiofilms, Scotland, 2019
Having the opportunity to speak has given the research, myself and my laboratory exposure amongst key leaders in the field of cancer research... Immediate benefits were gained from useful discussions with senior researchers about my research, and questions from my presentation.
DR sarah best
senior Postdoctoral Fellow, ACRF Cancer Biology & Stem Cell Division, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of medical research
Salk Institute for Biological Studies, 2019
The benefits to have participated in this meeting were limitless. I had an opportunity to present my project and data to world leaders... new collaborations were started... I had the opportunity to interview and select PhD applications... interested in joining my team.
DR fernando s.f. guimaraes
Senior Research Fellow in Experimental & Translational Immunology, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute,
Cytokine Society, Austria, 2019
Sessions included in this conference... provided me with an overall understanding of the current struggles faced in the field... Attendance to this conference has allowed me to engage with leading ovarian experts... New information sought can now be applied to my project and the work conducted within the Bowtell Laboratory...
DR Kathleen pishas
Postdoctoral Fellow, Bowtell Laboratory, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
AACR Advances in Ovarian Cancer Research, USA, 2019
This was an exceptional opportunity to get in contact with basic science researchers in bioengineering, who often need the clinical background to ensure their research is grounded on solid basis, with clinical outcome in mind.
dr Claudia di bella
Orthopaedic Surgeon, group Leader Cartilage Regeneration Program of Research, University of Melbourne
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Society, European Chapter Annual Meeting, Greece, 2019
Concepts ... were particularly relevant to my work and allowed me to think about new approaches I should take in analysing my research results, not only from a philosophical perspective, but in a pragmatic redesigning of new directions to take my project in.
dr christopher stubenrauch
research fellow, Infection & immunity program, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute
EMBO/EMBL Symposium, New Approaches & Concepts in Microbiology, Germany, 2019
Several recurring themes in the computational cardiology talks gave me insights into the current state of the field that are difficult to glean from literature... I came away ... with a much better feel for where I fit into that community and how my current work relates to active problems in the field.
Computational Scientist, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Society Of Industrial & Applied Mathematics Conference On Applications Of Applied Dynamic Systems, USA, 2019
This conference has benefited my work by allowing me to present to an international audience, build my collaborative international networks and see how our team's research fits into the broader journey globally to improve the health of Indigenous children throughout the world. It was a career highlight to attend and present...
Team Leader, Skin Team, Wesfarmers Centre For Vaccines & Infectious Diseases, Telethon Kids Institute
8th International Meeting On Indigenous Child Health, Canada, 2019
The conference ... allowed me to take advantage of 3 additional invitations to speak in various forums. The size of the benefit of these invitations in terms of solidifying myself as an internationally recognised researcher in the field of pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as contributing to my track record and future potential, is almost impossible to quantify.
Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine Nursing & Health Sciences, Monash University,
American Thoracic Society International Conference, USA, 2019
I now have greater potential to reach a position of professional maturity, which will further boost my future career in successful applications of fellowship and project grants ... in particular strengthening my ability to publish my proposed research in leading international journals.
dr xiaowei wang
Senior Research Fellow, baker institute
the 87th European Atherosclerosis Society Congress, Netherlands, 2019
As a direct result of my visit, I established 3 new studies that we will be doing together in the next two years... I was also invited to contribute book chapters for two upcoming books about Alzheimer's disease. In all, this was an amazing opportunity that was only made possible by the funding that I received from The CASS Foundation.
dr eleanor drummond
Research Fellow, Brain & mind Centre, Central Clinical School, University of Sydney
the alzheimer's association international conference, uSA, 2019
My participation in this conference far exceeded my expectations... led to several benefits from, dissemination of my research, enhancing my communication skills, establishing myself as an international expert, and recognition of my emerging leadership in this field...
dr melita joy giummarra
senior Research Fellow
Monash University
the 17th World Congress on Pain USA, 2018
I believe CASS's Travel Awards program helps promote Australian science, which ultimately benefits Australian scientists generally. Based on my interactions throughout the conference, I believe that if more Australians were given the opportunity to present at international conferences, we can show that Australians do produce world-class research...
dr jeffrey mak
Division of Chemistry & Structural Biology Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland
the 22nd International Conference for Organic Synthesis, Italy, 2018
The opportunity provided by The CASS Foundation to witness the enthusiasm of global leaders in the field of materials science together with their willingness to share their personal stories of their lives in science, has left me feeling empowered and confident to follow my research interests with conviction.
DR Adnan younis
School of Material Science & Engineering at UNSW
E-MSR Fall Meeting Conference, Poland, 2018
Presenting my work ... allowed me to promote our research excellent in medicinal chemistry ... on an international stage. The poster session ... allowed me to network with some of the leaders in my field, as well as members of their groups.
dr manuela jorg
Research Fellow, Monash University
The 25th EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry & the 5th EFMC You Medicinal Chemist Symposium, Slovenia, 2018
This opportunity provided me with a unique chance to discuss my new research findings in three-dimensional chromatin organisation changes in breast cancer with leading scientists in my field from all over the world ... as well as gather interest from journal editors attending the meeting.
dr joanna achinger-kawecka
Epigenetics Research Lab, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Gordon Chromatin Structure & Function meeting, USA, 2018
I was fortunate enough to have a unique opportunity to learn the latest research developments, tools and techniques from experts in my field of research (Plant Genomics and Molecular Breeding). My research became part of the global plant research community network... several discussions following my presentations at IPMB have already developed into potential exciting new collaborations."
Dr hyungtaek jung
Centre for Tropical Crops & Biocommodities, Queensland University of Technology
International Plant Molecular Biology conference, France, 2018
This conference is a prestigious scientific gathering that takes place only every two years, and provides a high-quality, international forum for communication, interaction and collaboration for over 500 scientists with a focus on mitochondrial and autophagy research. This is a highly specialised field with relatively few international meetings, and therefore it was a unique opportunity to learn the latest research developments, tools and techniques from other experts...
Dr isabel lopez sanchez
research Fellow, Centre for Eye Research,. Melbourne
the Mitochondrial Biology & Selective Autophagy Conference, Japan, 2018