CASS is a private philanthropic foundation, established in 2001 from the proceeds of the sale of the Taylors College business, to support and promote the advancement of education, science and medicine; and research and practice in those fields.

CASS is the Trustee for The Walter Mangold Trust Fund. This is a charitable fund that aims to contribute to the study of languages.

CASS is an acronym for:

‘Contributing to Australian Scholarship and Science’.

Since 2001 CASS has concentrated on four areas of grant-making:


An annual round of grant funding to Victorian medicine and science research projects which have the potential to improve understanding of key concepts and lead to improved treatment and practice.


Two annual rounds of travel awards to assist the professional development of early career post-doctoral researchers.


Educational grants which enable access to expertise and experiences to improve learning outcomes and engagement for primary and secondary school students.

the walter mangold trust fund

The Fund commemorates the beliefs and achievements of Walter Mangold, and contributes to the study of languages in Australia.

The walter mangold trust fund

CASS is the Trustee for The Walter Mangold Trust Fund. The fund is a Charitable Fund and operates to enable a worthwhile contribution to the study of languages in Australia and more widely, to contribute to the development of international understanding between peoples by virtue of the study and dissemination of their languages.


CASS also seeks to contribute more generally to the philanthropic community by participating in formal and informal interest groups with other organisations.

professional association

The CASS Foundation is a Member of Philanthropy Australia.

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