Summary of Grants

The CASS Foundation offers grants for medical and scientific research, post-doctoral travel, and programs in the field of school education.

Medicine/Science Grants

CASS provides annual grants for research and development in science and medicine. Each year the grant Guidelines and Application Form and process are reviewed in the light of past experience, changing circumstances and developments which might affect our prime focus. In 2017, the Foundation will fund a further round of Grants in accordance with published Guidelines.

Travel Awards

In 2017, the Foundation continued the Travel Awards program for early career researchers, enabling them to present their current research at overseas conferences.

65 Travel Awards were offered to early career researchers in the two grant rounds in 2016.

Education Grants

In 2017, the Foundation has provided six grants to support curriculum-based, capacity building and school improvement programs in 3 primary schools and 3 secondary colleges across Victoria.