Med/Sci Guidelines

Medicine/Science Grants

Please note: The 2016 Medicine/Science Grant round has closed. The following Guidelines are intended as an indication of current CASS policy only. The 2017 Medicine/Science Guidelines are presently under review and the revised Guidelines will be published in July 2017.  The 2017 Medicine/Science application portal will open on 25 August 2017. Submissions will close on 15 September 2017.


In these Guidelines ‘Applicant’ means the Chief Researcher in charge of a project and ‘Grantee’ means the organisation at which the Chief Researcher is employed.

CASS does not have any particular priority funding areas in medicine or science and each grant application will be considered on its merits.

CASS will only consider applications for research and development projects in medicine and/or science from researchers and organisations based in Victoria, for projects which will be undertaken substantially in Victoria.

Please note that in the 2016 Medicine/Science Grant round, following the announcement published on the CASS website in July 2015, all Applicants for 2016 were NOT to be employed by any of the following designated organisations:

1.  Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Holdings Limited;

2.  Deakin University;

3.  The Florey Institute of Neurosciences and Mental Health;

4.  Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research (trading as Hudson Institute of Medical Research);

5.  La Trobe University;

6.  Swinburne University of Technology;

7.  St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne);

8.  Centre for Eye Research Australia Limited;

9.  The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research; and

10. The University of Melbourne.

Applicants from the 10 organisations named above had the opportunity to apply in the 2015 CASS Grant round. In 2016, only researchers who were not employed by any of the above organisations could apply. (NB. This means that under current policy, in 2017 all Applicants employed by the research institutions listed above would be eligible to apply.)

Funds available

Applications for grants up to $60,000.00 (excluding GST) will be considered for specific research and development projects.

Project period

Although projects extending over a longer term will be considered, projects which anticipate completion within 12 to 15 months from commencement may be given preference.

‘Proof of Concept’ projects

CASS welcomes proof of concept’ project applications. What is understood by this term is that a grant submission deals with a concept, hypothesis, postulate or the like that the Applicant hopes to prove or to validate during the proposed research project, so that further research and development on the concept/hypothesis/postulate will be indicated as worthwhile.

CASS is prepared to consider early development projects which are still short of the level of validation that might be required for, say, an NH&MRC application.

CASS will not consider applications to fund surveys or questionnaires.


Applications are completed online. [The closing date for Applications was 5.00pm (AEST) on Friday 9 September 2016.]

The application form requires the Applicant to set out the details of the proposed project in lay terms. Applicants should note that CASS places great weight on the clarity of this lay description.

2016 Eligibility criteria

–  Grantees must be based in the State of Victoria.

–  In 2016, Applicants must NOT be employed by one of the 10 designated organisations.

–  Grantees must hold an ABN and be registered for GST.

–  Grantees must have Income Tax Exempt Status.

–  Previously successful Applicants are eligible to apply for funding towards new projects.

–  Previously unsuccessful Applicants may re-apply for new or previously applied for projects.

Goods and Services Tax

GST will be added to the grant amount. CASS will require a Tax Invoice for all grant payments.

Indirect administration costs

CASS does not pay for any indirect administration costs

Grant payments

Grantees must provide bank account details to enable electronic funds transfer of grant payments.

How CASS will manage your application

–  When submitted, an online application will be acknowledged automatically.

–  Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by email.

–  Information provided in an online application will be dealt with confidentially, in accordance with the CASS Privacy Policy and all relevant legislation.

–  CASS may require additional information, and may need to converse with or meet Applicants to discuss aspects of the application.

–  If an application is shortlisted, then Referees will be contacted.

–  Not all applications considered can be offered a grant and CASS may decide not to offer the full amount of the funding request.

–  The decision of CASS in all cases is final and no reasons or feedback will be provided.

Grant Agreements

Grantees will be required to enter into a Grant Agreement before any part of the grant is paid.


Applicants are required to provide interim and final reports on mutually agreed research milestones.  In some cases, an evaluation process may be included as part of the grant conditions.