Medicine/Science Grants


2015 Medicine/Science grants

CASS is currently reviewing the selection procedures for the 2015 Medicine/Science grants and these changes will be announced in due course. Please note that the 2015 Medicine/Science grant round dates have been amended. The new, online Application Form will be accessible on this site on Monday 10th August 2015 and the closing date for submissions will be Friday 11th September 2015.


Previous Medicine/Science grant rounds

In 2014, the Foundation awarded 20 grants to the value of $1,069,500.

In the 2013,  20 grants were offered to the value of $970,000

In 2012, the Foundation offered 17 research grants, to the value of $857,000.

In 2011, 19 Medicine/Science grants were offered, making a total of $936,680 in grant funding.

In 2010, CASS offered 15 Medicine/Science grants; a total of $754,200 in funding.