Education Grants – History

Overview – The CASS Foundation’s Education Grants Program 2017 – 2007

The CASS Foundation’s objective in grant-making to schools is to support teacher development and student engagement in learning. Since 2001, the Foundation has provided Education Grants to primary and secondary schools in Victoria for curriculum-based Arts proposals and teacher professional development initiatives. CASS Education grants have enabled teachers to work with curriculum specialists to introduce new ideas and approaches into their classrooms. The funds have also supported students to participate in a range of creative arts activities, incursions and excursions not previously available to them.

2017 Education Grants

Epping Secondary College in partnership with Heide MOMA, to extend the Visual Thinking Strategies program to the incoming Year 7 cohort. $38,850

Essendon North Primary School Foundation – Year 1 teacher development and mentoring in Mathematics, $9,000

Kerang South Primary School Indigenous Art and Culture awareness program. $22,000

Laverton P-12 College teacher professional development to implement and assess Critical and Creative Thinking. $14,000

Merbein P-10 College teacher capacity building and mentoring to understand and assess student progress in learning. $15,000

Talbot Primary School Beyond the Horizon, co-ordination of a tailored excursion program to stimulate student writing. $19,000

 2016 Education Grants

Dunolly PS ‘CLICK! Capturing Kids’ Creativity’ whole-school photographic project using Ipads with local artists. $20,000

Epping Secondary College ‘Visual Thinking Strategies’ partnership with Heide Museum of Modern Art Education for the entire Year 7 cohort and VTS training for Art, English and  VCD teachers. $30,000

Fountain Gate PS ‘In Our Shoes’ expressive improvised drama and musical performance, in partnership with Rawcus. $18,700  

Heatherhill PS ‘Bringing Writing to Life’  Teachers and students learning together and refining strategies for creative narrative writing with specialists from 100 Story Building, culminating in the Heatherhill Writer’s Festival. $19,325

Laverton College ‘Stories of Belonging’ teacher development and student motivation workshops to build improvements in personal writing, narrative construction, graphic communication and text appraisal, with 100 Story Building. $20,000

2015 Education Grants for creative Arts activities and programs

Flemington PS ‘What’s So Special About Flemington’ Local history research by students linked with expressive ceramic work with artist Fiona Hiscock. $16,000.

Furlong Park School for Deaf Children, Sunshine. ‘Let’s Dance 2015’ continuation of the 2014 movement and dance program led by dance artist, Jo Dunbar and African drummer, Kofi. $11,550.

Greensborough PS ‘Music for Learning’ Planned music incursions and teacher PD workshops by various musicians to enhance and invigorate classroom teaching strategies in Literacy, LOTE (Japanese), Science, Numeracy and visual Arts. $19,620.

Killara PS, Sunbury with Musical Futures Australia. ‘Sunbury Cluster Development’ PD workshops, mentoring and online support for 14 generalist and specialist music teachers in the Sunbury area, enabling them to lead participative, contemporary music-making by students in the classroom, using resources and guides developed by Musical Futures. $20,000

Lowanna College, Newborough ‘Linking Individuals and Community Through Drumming’ Drum-making and drumming activities to instil teamwork, self esteem and positive attitudes among Year 7 cohort of students. $16,000

Portland South PS ‘Me and My Place!’ All students P-6 have learned to take great photographs with local photographer Ebony Yuill. Each child showed their ‘best shot’ in an exhibition at the community Art Gallery in June. The show included their visual diaries and writing about the photographs. $13,400

Roxburgh College, Roxburgh Park, with Heide Museum of Modern Art. ‘Visual Thinking Strategies’  Program to train teachers and entire Year 7 cohort of students in Visual Thinking Strategies, a guided discussion methodology designed to encourage verbal expression, visual appraisal and discussion of images. $20,000

Talbot PS with Dunolly, Timor, Bealiba,Tarnagulla and Baringhup PSs. ‘Beyond the Horizon’ A co-ordinated Literacy-based program of targeted small group excursions for the Grade 3-4 students at these 6 small rural schools, designed to expand their experiences of the world and develop the content of their reading, writing and expression. $20,000

Toongabbie PS ‘The Music of Maths’ Teacher PD and mentoring in their classroom by maths specialist, Rob Vingerhoets, bringing maths and numeracy concepts alive through music and visual arts. $20,000

2014 Education Grants: one-year grants for creative Arts programs

Flemington PS “Clay-Making for Sustainability” (making ceramic vessels with artist Fiona Hiscock based on investigations of local ecology and vegetation.) $15,000

Furlong Park School for the Deaf, Sunshine. “Let’s Dance!”  program with Deaf Can Dance artist, Jo Dunbar. $18,000

Kororoit Creek PS “Building Our Dreams”  Interactive art and electronics workshop, Invent to Learn with Gary Stager (USA), teacher Steve Marks. $17,500

Seaholme PS, Altona. “Reflections on our Landscape to create our own Ecosystem” Environmental design and painting with Sue Anderson, landscape artist and Elaine Wraight, art teacher. $20,000

Sunshine PS  “Lasting Memories: Memories in Motion”  Local history, storytelling and visual representations shared with the local community (Debbie Quadri, ceramics/artist; Nigel Gillies, photographer, Karen Charman, historian.) $9,000

Wallington PS “Jon Madin Music”  incursion by Jon Madin to build a marimba and demonstrate percussive music routines with hand-made instruments. $6,000

Yuille Park PS, with Wendouree PS and Mt Blowhard PS “More Than One Way to Tell a Story: People We Admire” Digital media storytelling collaboration (Michael Green, film; Dave Gibb, cartoonist; Steve Barratt, video; + ACMI workshop visit for students.) $20,000

St Leonards PS “Beats per Minute Extension” consolidation of 2013 whole-school drumming program, with percussionist, Dave Robertson. $7,000

2013 Education Grants: one-year grants for creative Arts programs:

Merrivale Primary School with Warrnambool East Primary School and Port Fairy Consolidated School,  “Play It Again” original drama script development and production (Paul McFadden, scriptwriting; Travis McCarthy & Daniel Farrell, production/direction) $19,750

Portland South Primary School “Dancing to the Beat of the Drum” staged performances (Steve Schultz, drum incursion; Jon Madin instrument making & music for festival procession; Margot Bail, director.)$15,000

St Leonards Primary School “Beats per Minute” (Dave Robertson, percussion and rhythm activities) $10,000

Caledonian Primary School (lead school)with Pleasant Street Primary School, Miners Rest Primary School, Invermay Primary School, Mt Blowhard Primary School, Canadian Lead Primary School “Eureka Reel Time Shorts” student film-making (Michael Green, film media; Bruce Roberts, WIN-TV presenter; Steve Barratt, video editing, Sacha Guirietto, teacher.) $18,500

Stawell Primary School “Who Cares: changing attitudes at school” student wellbeing/film-making (Lachy Ralph, green screen/video camera/editing; Paul Parker, acting/presentation.) $14,500

Northern Bay College, Corio (with Bluebird Foundation)”Rhyme, Rhythm & Song 2” (classroom singing for literacy & P-2 teacher PD master-classes: Musicians Bron Lawson & Ceridwyn Gordon.) $40,000

2012 Education Grants: one year grants for creative Arts programs:

Ararat 800 Primary SchoolMusic on our Minds” (Jon Madin, development of marimba ensembles) $14,500

Barwon Heads Primary School “Da Vinci’s Playground” (interactive outdoor science education installation; Jonathon Philips, art teacher/designer; Mark Trinham & Glen Romanis, environmental sculpture.) $20,000

Edenhope Primary School “Shards, Stone and Studio” (printmaking/sculpture with James Parker, Carclew Youth Arts Centre, Adelaide.) $16,628

Geelong East Primary SchoolEmbedding Digital Arts (Filmmaking) in the Curriculum” (Jeremy Bowtell, filmmaker.)$19,900

Horsham West / Haven Primary Schools “Animating Learning” (digital animation program with renowned digital artist, Dave Jones.) $20,000

Mount Egerton Primary School, Bungaree Primary School & Warrenheip Primary School “MEBW Arts Alliance” (craft program with Sarah Peckham, shared community artist-in-residence) $20,000

Surfside Primary School “Through Their Eyes” (classroom photography with Craig Watson, commercial photographer; Di Mercer, Art Teacher.)$20,000

Northern Bay College (with Bluebird Foundation) pilot of “Rhyme, Rhythm and Song” classroom singing for literacy at Hendy and Tallis campuses (Musicians: Lucy Jones, Ceridwyn Gordon & Bron Lawson) $14,000

2011 Education – Creative Arts Grants: one-year grants for creative Arts activities

Bannockburn Primary School Here and Now’(metal sculpture installation by Karen McGlynn) $4,880

Branxholme-Wallacedale Community School Dreaming Together”(indigenous Arts with ‘Cultural Infusion’  and visiting artists from Lake Condah, including elder and weaver, Sandra Aitken and painter, Melissa Aitken.) $15,620

Croxton Special School “Pottery with a Purpose” (artist Debbie Quadri-Harman, working with the students at Northcote Pottery, and later at the school, restoring the kiln in the art room.) $8,700

Oxley Primary School “Kids for Cameras” (local history/storytelling/photography; Steve Henderson.) $10,840

Porepunkah Primary School “From Picasso to Porepunkah” (mosaics & mural by Benita Murray) $16,000

St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School “Tell Me a Story” (bilingual storytelling with Julie Perrin) $10,140

The Patch Primary School “Songlines of the Patch” (Song writing, musical composition and performance with musicians: Jeremy Collings, Gillian Howell.) $7,670

Tongala Primary School “Moo…ving On” the school’s history in concert performance. (Murray Ross, artist) $17,500

2010 Education – Creative Arts Grants: one-year grants for creative Arts activities

Campbell’s Creek Primary School, with Guilford Primary School, ‘The Gift of the Crocodile’ (bi-lingual dramatisation of Indonesian Cinderella legend presented as a performance, with gamelan music.) $11,510

Drouin Primary School ‘Shadows of History’ (Dramatisations and re-enactment of scenes from local history presented in the area’s historical theme park.)  $16,355

Irymple South Primary School ‘Dead Bones Society Writing Project’ (writer Paul Stafford, NSW.)$5,000

Lorne-Aireys Inlet P-12 College ‘Lighthouse to Louttit Bay’ (locally-inspired poetry and story writing with visual art, culminating as an exhibition and book production: writers: Greg Day, Robert Ashton, Jiri Tibor Novak; illustrator: Dot Leslie & editor: Nan McNab.)  $16,000

Maryborough Education Centre ‘Rhyme, Rhythm and Song’ – Stage 2.  Classroom singing incursions and teacher PD with community musicians, Fay White, Jane Thompson, James Rigby, Fetch Henderson.) $16,000

St Georges Road Primary School, Shepparton, ‘Stories of the Road’ original stage production and celebration of the school’s diverse cultures, performance recorded as DVD.  $19,790

2009 Education – Creative Arts Grants:  one-year Arts grants

Benalla East PS ‘Bentuk Pasir’ (meaning ‘Shape Sand’)bi-lingual sand sculpture incursion focussed on Australian and Indonesian mythical creatures (eg, garuda/bunyip) and legends. Sand sculptors, Clive Abben & Jim Macauley from Sand Storm Events. Art teacher, Faye Jones.

Clunes Primary School cluster ‘Ripon Yarns’ (including Learmonth, Windermere, Mt Blowhard and Miners Rest Primary Schools) $20,000 (film-making and animation techniques with Michael Green, Drift Media.)

Echuca South Primary School South Animation’ (Hand drawn animation project with artists Susan McMinn, Paul Fletcher) $18,550

Maryborough Education Centre ‘Rhyme, Rhythm and Song’ Stage 1. (Weekly 20-minute classroom singing incursions in Prep-Year 6 levels by community musicians Fay White, Jane Thompson & James Rigby; for aural literacy, class cohesion and esprit de corps in severely drought-affected school) $20,000

Migrant Information Centre(working at Great Ryrie Primary School & Eastwood Primary School) ($17,690) art activities based on journeys and family histories. (Kate Wylde, artist)

Poowong Consolidated School ‘Film making’ $20,000 (Drift Media.)

2007-2009 CASS Foundation School Engagement Grants: three-year education grants to:

Dinjerra Primary School, Braybrook ‘Engaging the early years for engagement in the later years’ (Grant of $210,000, over 3 years)

Lalor Park Primary School ‘Giving Students a Voice’  ($130,000 over 3 years)

Pender’s Grove Primary School and Preston South Primary School ‘Student Initiatives in Student Engagement – SISE’ ($110,000 over 3 years)

Keon Park/Reservoir Views Primary School ‘School Experience Enrichment Program (SEEP)’ ($150,000) including outstanding pottery incursion by ceramic artist, Jane Annois.

St Peter Chanel School,Deer Park ChanelKidsConnect’  ($180,000 over 3 years)

Debney Meadows Primary School, Flemington, Early Years Interventions (in 2007-8) ($69,000.)

Glengala Primary School, Sunshine North, (in 2007) $30,000

[From 2001-2006, on an ad hoc basis, the CASS Foundation provided a number of small grants to Victorian schools in response to diverse requests.]